2009 Client Appreciation Party

April 8th, 2009

Great Client Turnout

Today The Greg Ellingson Team held their annual Client Appreciation Party.  Over 190 past clients RSVP'd to spend the day visiting with the team, enjoying great food, and catching up.  The rain held off and the breeze from the Intracoastal Waterway made for a perfect Sunday afternoon Barbecue.

Bonding and Smiles

The Greg Ellingson Team enjoyed spending time with all of their clients, some who they have not seen in several months.  Little babies who were once in car seats while their parents were looking at homes were now out running around flying kites, making bubbles with the bubble toys, and lining up to get their customized "temporary tattoos."  The adults had fun getting to know other families in the county and eating southern BBQ.  The best part was hearing how each family loved their new home and how they were forming great family memories.

Confidence and The Family

It is a day like today that remind us of why we have chosen this profession.  Every family looking to buy or sell a home has their own, unique story.  Nothing gives our Team greater fulfillment than building relationships with all of our clients and finding customized solutions to meet each of their needs.

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