Air Force vs. Army Football Game 2011—Tailgating Party

November 5th, 2011
It’s the day of Greg and Jenny Ellingson’s fourth annual Airforce vs. Army tailgating party, and what a beautiful day it is indeed! The sun is bright and the sky is blue—perfect weather for grilling. Guests arrive to find cold drinks and abundant food as well as multiple televisions set up for their viewing pleasure. Some of those unable to attend the party are actually in the stadium at the game itself! As the fans arrive, the room is filled with conversation about team statistics and predictions for the game’s outcome.

3:30 arrives—kickoff time. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the screen as they eat, drink, and socialize, looking for their fellow classmates on the Jumbotron. Ultimately, the Air Force Falcons come through with a solid win, with the final score at 24-14. Though the West Point grads may be a bit disappointed, spirits are still high as everyone smiles and shakes hands. The group looks forward to an even bigger turnout next year. Will the Falcons hold their winning streak against the Black Knights? Will the tables turn with an upset victory for the Army team? We will have to wait and see at the Ellingsons’ fifth annual tailgating party!

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