Message from Greg

A New Approach to Real Estate

At the Greg Ellingson Team, we have taken a new approach to real estate in Brevard County, Florida. The world economy and the real estate industry are shifting more and more towards information-based products every day. The emergence of new technologies and the internet has created new opportunities as well as new competition that did not exist in the real estate industry just a few years ago. Real estate associates, brokers, and companies must change to adapt to the new environment. We have structured our company to take advantage of the benefits of new technologies while still providing our tried and true service that has helped many families with their homes and relocations. Our unparalleled traditional real estate services are complimented and expanded with technologies that enable us to reach into the global real estate market.

Everyone is Choosing Florida

More and more people are choosing Florida as their place to retire, invest, work, and raise families. We have built a company that makes it quick and painless to buy your dream home in Brevard, Florida, regardless of where you currently live in the world. We also advertise our customer's homes on the global market, ensuring that their goals, needs, and timelines are met! Our expert team and global network ensure that our customers receive the most qualified buyers. We combine all the area expertise, customer service, and family atmosphere that you expect from a Brevard realty company with the marketing, networking, research, and results that you would expect from a global company.

Great Exposure

Customers selling homes in Brevard County will have unprecedented exposure in the local, national and global markets. Retirees, families, investors, and others from around the country and the world will be able to research properties and communities through our web services and purchase homes with confidence like never before. Customers expect instant "everything" today and that's what we provide. In a world where customer service seems to be giving way to automation, we provide peace and comfort in home buying and selling with a higher level of competence, personal accountability, and integrity. We passionately invest our time and efforts in meeting our clients' demands and exceeding their expectations.

Our Customers Come First

The Greg Ellingson Team is quite busy, but we optimize our time using our laptops, portable printers, smartphones, tablets, contact management software and web tools. But we still put our time with our customers first, as we believe all of our customers are just another important part of our family. With something as important as buying or selling a home, we believe our customers would expect nothing less. Come be a part of our big family.

Greg Ellingson
President and Broker
Ellingson Properties